AI Initiative

On Jan. 12, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy launched the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office.  This new OSTP office is charged with overseeing and implementing a national AI strategy and serving as the central hub for federal AI research and policymaking across government, the private sector, academia, nonprofits and state governments.
The office is also responsible for conducting regular public outreach, such as conferences and educational events, maintaining a website featuring the initiative’s activities and promoting “access to and early adoption of the technologies, innovations, lessons learned, and expertise derived from Initiative activities” to federal agencies, industries and startups, according to the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act of 2020, which called for the creation of the office.

The Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative is a multidisciplinary project that will look at how artificial intelligence is impacting management, and will prepare executives to put Al to use in their companies in an ethical and socially responsible way.
Artificial intelligence, like electricity a century ago, is a general purpose technology that will touch every sphere of economic activity. That places new demands on managers to adapt to the changing competitive landscape, to transform their organizations, and to ensure that employees – and themselves — have the skills required. IESE’s new Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative will meet those growing needs for research and education.

The AI + Society Initiative aims at defining problems and identifying solutions to essential issues related to ethical AI and technology development. The research leverages a transdisciplinary approach to advance AI methods and tools, with a focus on their responsible applications.
The Initiative promotes an inclusive research agenda with a specific focus on avoiding the amplification of global digital injustices through AI for affected communities. The research will include many important voices such as women, youth, seniors, Indigenous People, LGBTQIA2S+, visible minorities, people with disabilities, and linguistic minorities – and those at the intersection of these identities.

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