AI Headline

The headline or heading is the text indicating the nature of the article below it. The large type front page headline did not come into use until the late 19th century when increased competition between newspapers led to the use of attention-getting headlines.
– We’re building a dataset of breaking news (global, industry and local) from around the web, as well as corresponding signals from social media. We collect, archive and analyze these articles and signals with NLP and statistical techniques. The resulting dataset is really cool: news is full of signals if you read between the lines. Professionals can then use the research platform we’re e building on top to ask questions and gain business insight into new markets, competitors, clients and more. They can also plug in those insights and alerts into their marketing/sales workflow. –

Creating News Headlines with AI

Creating a good headline for a news-article is an creative and intelligent task. Can this be done by an AI-System? In this article I will build a simple neural network machine learning model which learns to generate a headline given a start phrase. For example if given the text “Trump says …” the system should continue the headline.

by Andreas Stöckl

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