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IBM Garage Helps More Than 500 Enterprises to Innovate Digital Presence

An innovative pace to empower and create a collaborative culture
Giant tech, IBM announced that more than 500 businesses globally have chosen the IBM Garage to help them power their digital reinventions with hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). Companies including ADP, Cemex, the Kraft Heinz Company and the Government of Nova Scotia are leveraging the IBM Garage to fill the space and create cultures of collaboration. This innovative idea of providing shoulder will also help the IBM Garage continuous learning and to drive lasting business outcomes.

In addition, the IBM Garage Methodology is available to businesses digitally through the IBM Garage Method for Cloud course. The online course introduces innovative practices focused around cultural change, test driven development, Enterprise Design Thinking, operational excellence, and continuous learning. It is designed to change the way teams work and help them understand issues and challenges so they can tackle them at real time and rapidly deliver high-quality solutions.

Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi on Saturday said the Indian government wants to establish the country as an ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) Garage’.

Governor Mukhi said this while addressing the 8th Convocation of Assam Don Bosco University its Tepesia campus on the city outskirts.

“The government of India wants to establish the country as an ‘AI Garage’ which means that if a company can deploy an AI technology in India, it will then be applicable for the whole developing world,” said Prof. Mukhi.

“AI research in India will focus on healthcare – increasing access and affordability of quality healthcare; agriculture – enhancing farmer’s income, farm productivity and reduction of wastage; education- improving access and quality of education…”

AI research will also focus on “smart cities and infrastructure- efficient connectivity for the burgeoning urban population; and smart mobility and transportation- for smarter and safer modes of transportation and better traffic and congestion problems”, said the Governor. is for sale!

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