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Everyone loves a bargain but is there anything more satisfying than bagging an international airfare for less than a week’s rent?
Knowing the best time to book that dream European summer holiday – or how to ensure you’re the first to know when sale fares are released – can lead to hundreds of dollars of savings. It’s money that can be put to valuable use strolling the streets of Paris or lounging on a sunbed on the Italian Amalfi Coast.

“Booking well in advance of travel, selecting a domestic flight that departs in the middle of the week and at an off-peak travel time are just some of the ways our customers can secure great fares,” he says.
We super-sleuthed our way through airlines, travel agents and booking sites to hunt down secret strategies and tips to help you bag a bargain.

IT’S no secret booking your flights in advance can help you save, but now there’s a formula to get the timing right for the cheapest possible flights.

“Based on our findings earlier this year, the cheapest lead time to book for domestic travel can range between four and 12 weeks, so it’s important to plan in advance and monitor prices.”

According to the data, the biggest savings can be found through advance planning to destinations further afield, such as China and the US, where travellers can save about 23 per cent on the average airfare by booking 28 weeks before departure.

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