AI-driven means data-driven
A combination of cheaper computation and masses of data has been integral to advances in AI, and it will lead to the success of companies introducing AI now. By 2020 Data Never Sleeps — the yearly infographic from the cloud-based platform provider Domo — estimates that for every person on Earth 1.7 MB of data will be created every second. Harnessing data is crucial to the success of AI, and luckily it’s created in abundance. The majority of this is harvested by large corporations and it can be hard to tap into. So it’s important to first scope what data you need, whether this is customer-focused and/or product-related, including considerations around the ethics behind it. At EDITED we make use of both as product data drives our company and user data gives us insights on our customers. We use crawlers and AI to harvest commercial data provided by the online apparel industry and convert this into something tangible for the user. This creates the single biggest source of real-time retail data in the world. We are then able to understand the success of our features through user interaction and make our own data-driven decisions on new features.

AI is transforming how we do business at an unprecedented pace, but the transition to becoming AI-driven is easier than you think. Now is the time to invest and remain at the top of your game.

Creating real value from data means building – and maintaining – a spectrum of AI-driven applications and services that run as a core part of the business. is for sale!

– Artificial intelligence Driven –