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Artificial  Intelligence  (AI)  can  be   deployed  for  a  wide   range  of  applications to promote  the goals of the European  Green Deal. However, adverse environmental impacts of AI could jeopardise the     attainment    of    these goals. The     report    describes    environmental potential, clarifies  characteristics  and causes of environmental risks, and outlines initiatives and best practices for  environmental  policies.  It  illustrates  the  need  for   regulatory  action to align design and deployment of AI with the goals of the European     Green      Dealandconcludes     with     specific recommendations.  This   document  was   provided  by the Policy   Department  for  Economic, Scientific  and Quality of  Life Policies  at the  request of the Special  Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital  Age (AIDA)

Artificial intelligence continues to sweep through all industries horizontally, changing software and technological processes as we know them. In the uncertain climate of COVID-19, AI is the key source of transformation and disruption used by many corporations to stay afloat and remain competitive –by virtue of assistance, augmentation and automation it can contribute to various processes.

Healthcare, automotive and financial services are the sectors with the greatest potential for product enhancement and disruption due to AI according to our analysis. However, there is also significant potential for competitive advantage in sectors such as content targeting in marketing, edge AI image enhancement, and natural language processing (NLP).

The report focuses on subsectors such as Quantitative Analysis, Computer Vision and Language Analysis, and includes:

  • Trends and analysis of deal activity
  • Deal geography
  • Top acquirers
  • Valuation metrics

This year, we’re also including two exclusive interviews with ground-breaking AI companies in the computer vision and NLP sectors for their take on current and future progress in the AI space and the effects of the pandemic on AI businesses.

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