AI Dealer

The internet and social media have created a society of consumers who expect information immediately at any time of day or night.

In an always-connected world, information is so readily available that our expectation of instant satisfaction has spilled over to our interactions with businesses. Customers just won’t wait for a response.

Even dealerships with seemingly long hours like 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. won’t cut it—and 24/7 call centers are expensive and don’t provide the level of expertise and care your customers expect.

We recently conducted a mystery shop study of more than 1,500 dealerships to gauge their responses to leads from their website and social networks, and the results were less than stellar.

The study found that only 16% of dealers responded to leads with a price quote within 15 minutes, despite data that shows internet shoppers who receive a response within 10 minutes are three times more likely to visit the dealership.

State-of-the-art intelligent messaging platforms are already helping dealers sell more cars and schedule more service appointments.

“The AI technology communicates with our customers who message us through Google Text My Business and on Facebook Marketplace, and then directs the conversation to a team member when they are ready to buy,” says Brett Boatright, general manager of Arizona Dodge and Winslow Ford.

“The fact that the leads are sent directly to our CRM makes follow-up much more efficient. [The platform] also sends vehicle price quotes—without getting salespeople involved until they’re needed,” continues Boatright. This not only makes capturing leads easier, it also provides a solution for dealerships that lack the resources to stay engaged with consumers around the clock.

Now is a critical time for dealerships to prepare for leads from car shoppers via messaging. AI enhances the customer experience and makes businesses more efficient.


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