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The European Union (EU) accounted for 8% of global AI equity investment in 2017. This represents an important increasefor the region as a whole, which accounted forjust 1% of this investment in 2013. However, member states varied widelyin terms of investment levels.
United Kingdom start-ups received 55% of the EU total investment over the period 2011to mid-2018, followed by German (14%) and French ventures(13%), implyingthat the remaining 25 countries shared lessthan 20% of all private AI equity investments received in the European Unionand recorded in Crunchbase.

Beyond the United States, China and the European Union, whichtogether attracted over 93%of global AI private equity investment from 2011 to mid-2018, start-ups in Israel (3%), and Canada (1.6%)also played a significant role. Most remarkably, Israel has seen investments in AI start-ups go from 5% of allequity invested in start-ups nationally in2011, to 25% by mid-2018.

Private equity investments in AI start-ups basedin the European Union, 2011 to mid-2018Percentageof total amount invested in EU-based start-ups over periodSource:OECD estimates, based on Crunchbase (July 2018).

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