AI Data Platform

AI is a collection of technologies that excel at extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data, then making predictions based on that information. That includes your analytics data from places like Google Analytics, automation platforms, content management systems, CRMs, and more.

An AI Platform is a framework designed to function more efficiently and intelligently than traditional frameworks. … An AI Platform can also provide Data Governance, ensuring the use of best practices by a team of AI scientists and ML engineers.

As a new decade starts, much is expected to change in the world of artificial intelligence. During the last decade and beyond, AI technology proved its abilities to even the most fervent critics. Aspects of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning and natural language processing, have been incorporated in many important areas of daily living today that we can no longer live without them.

As for data scientists and other software engineers that build AI projects, the one thing they can’t do without is an artificial intelligence framework. A long list of top AI platforms has been providing this service, and that includes some of the best machine learning and NLP application examples ever (think TensorFlow, Matlab, etc.)

Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms provide users with tools to build, deploy, and monitor machine learning algorithms. These platforms combine intelligent, decision-making algorithms with data, thereby enabling developers to create a business solution. Some platforms offer prebuilt algorithms and simplistic workflows with such features as drag-and-drop modeling and visual interfaces that easily connect necessary data to the end solution, while others require a greater knowledge of development and coding. These algorithms can include functionality for image recognition, natural language processing, voice recognition, and recommendation systems, in addition to other machine learning capabilities.
The nature of some Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms enables users without intensive data science skills to benefit from the platforms’ features. AI platforms are very similar to platforms as a service (PaaS), which allow for basic application development, but these products differ by offering machine learning options.

To qualify for inclusion in the Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms category, a product must:
Present a way for developers to connect data to the algorithms for them to learn and adapt
Allow users to create machine learning algorithms and/or offer prebuilt machine learning algorithms for more novice users
Provide a platform for deploying AI at scale

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