AI Data Center

AI-based analytics will provide smart troubleshooting and diagnostic tools that can be used by the data center for problem resolution, proactive insight trend analysis, forecasting and resource scheduling.

AI in the data center is not a fantasy of human-like robots. It’s a viable technology penetrating every market and every vertical, improving processes, unearthing insights, and powering many apps and features we use today. For us, too, AI has become business-critical. It plays a vital role in global manufacturing processes across 17 factories. These manufacturing applications target diverse areas such as a Digital Twin to simulate fabrication processes, image analysis for rapid fault detection, predictive maintenance to increase equipment uptime, accelerating test time through predictive adaptive test, alongside many other applications.

AI is a business discipline. It often requires experimentation beyond your comfort zone, but it is a cornerstone technology that should be part of futureproofing you business strategy and the data center.

Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape the business computing landscape.  It changes the way businesses solve the problems they face in terms of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.  As we get the new year under way, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its presence known both publicly and privately, both in the way that we experience it as consumers and as we continue to experience it as professionals in the mission critical industry.

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