AI Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is one of the many uses of artificial intelligence. Going by a recent report by Norton, the global cost to recover from a typical data breach is USD 3.86 million. Studies also conclude that it takes a whole 196 days to recover from any data breach. As such, it makes sense for companies to use AI to avoid both financial losses and waste of time.
AI offers insights that enable companies to understand threats easily, thereby reducing response times and making firms compliant with security best practices. On the other hand, machine learning (ML) helps in recognizing patterns in data to enable machines to learn from experience. So, by leveraging cyber threat intelligence, machine learning, and AI, companies can respond to issues with speed and confidence.

While the future seems bleak, there have also been developments in technology with significant impacts on cybersecurity. One such major game-changer in the field of cybersecurity is tools and techniques developed and supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as a subset of it.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a buzzword and is being used extensively in industries of all kinds. Customer service, education, automation, etc. are only some of the many sectors where AI has instigated advancement by leaps and bounds. It is also playing a significant role in the ongoing fight against cybercrime. is for sale!

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