AI Coach

AI provides a safe place to practice difficult, dangerous or embarrassing skills.

Coaching, whether it’s life coaching, executive coaching, or performance, skills or career coaching, seems inherently personal and humane. After all, it involves opening oneself up to feedback, conversations and, ultimately, connection. But what if your career or executive coach wasn’t actually a coach at all — or even human?

Artificial intelligence made its way into learning and development with the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and more recently, it’s been showing up in the coaching space.

Traditionally, coaches are hired from the outside to coach within a company or are even part of a company’s internal human resources office. They may be tasked with retaining and developing top performers or asked to act as a sounding board for a strategic business matter. On a personal level and in the workplace, coaching is a useful tool that allows an individual to practice new skills, work toward achieving goals or simply boost their confidence.

AI-enabled coaching aims to do essentially the same thing, though it comes with its own set of benefits and challenges.

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