AI Cleaning

Today emerging trends in cleaning – or business in general – barely exist without artificial intelligence playing some kind of role. As the years roll on, manufacturers are developing new technologies and the cost of implementing AI continues to drop. From automated floor scrubbers that can navigate themselves around a building to self-cleaning windows, AI is changing ‘who’ is doing the work, as well as ‘how’.

As a client, you can rest assured knowing at this point a robot won’t be cleaning your office by itself after hours. We’re not quite at that stage yet! But, we can certainly benefit from their assistance. Vacuuming, for example, is one part of the job that we’re quickly offloading to the bots with more models coming out every day that have a greater learning capacity. These vacuum cleaners require virtually zero Human input. Essentially, they’re programmed to commence at a certain time and then run across the entire floor surface of your office. Its algorithmic learning allows it to memorise the floor plan and identify spots that typically require more attention while avoiding hazards like staircases. Huge companies like Dyson are investing millions into the research and production of cleaning machines with these AI capabilities. So it’s fair to assume they will soon become common household appliances.

What about the other jobs? Well, we’re certainly not at the point where we can rely on robots to clean our toilets or dust our desks. But it seems like that is the direction the industry is heading in. Although, a robot capable of cleaning your entire office ought to be capable of much more. It raises the thought-provoking question – How many jobs are going to be lost to the ever reliable and expectation-free robots? I guess we’ll soon find out. is for sale!

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