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Traffic congestion is a serious problem in many urban areas around the world. It causes a multitude of negative impacts from producing air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, to wasting fuel and increasing travel time, among many others. Carpooling is one of the most effective solutions to traffic congestion, and involves decreasing the number of cars on a roadway by increasing vehicle occupancy. In this paper, we propose an intelligent carpool system called BlueNet. The proposed system provides a real-time carpool service by involving two significant proposed modules: the Mobile Client module and the Cloud Global Carpool Services module. In our proposed Mobile Client module, users can use their smartphones or other devices to find carpool matches by utilizing the proposed Cloud Global Carpool Services module via the mobile communication network. The following Cloud Global Carpool Services module is used to deal with carpool requests and generate suitable carpool match results through the proposed real-time carpool-matching algorithm. To develop a carpool service that can be used around the world, we integrated the open GIS system with abundant global geographical information into the proposed Cloud Global Carpool Services module. The experimental results show that the proposed real-time carpool matching algorithm dramatically reduces the processing time required to generate the carpool matching results. This is accomplished by dynamically adjusting the random ratio value.

Leading consulting agencies (GMI, Frost & Sullivan, Report Buyer or McKinsey) predict that the car sharing market will grow fourfold by 2025. As a result, the total size of the worldwide car sharing fleet will grow to about 427,000 cars. The total number of users will grow five times by that date, with about 36 million people subscribed to one or more car sharing services.

These levels will be achievable thanks to active state support in different countries, the optimization of service prices and, of course, technological development. They are adding new features for customers, and they are constantly improving thanks to technology. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are extremely popular technologies, which persistently dominate headlines in the media.

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