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Everything is moving to the cloud and Big Data is one of the enablers of AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning aren’t exactly new, but as the cost of data storage continues to go down over time, servers and other technology equipment can finally handle the diverse workloads of huge datasets. Companies in all types of industries, from manufacturing to retail and telecom, are predicted to increase spending on specialized servers1 that will help them store and work with Big Data.

The integration of new technologies into business models has been one of the main drivers for companies to be successful, innovative and to achieve competitive advantage. Digital transformation, defined as the integration of new technologies in any process or activity of an organization, leverages optimization and adds value across the company. In a competitive and technological landscape, data collection and analysis are essential and mean new opportunities and alignments for companies.

Digital transformation is driven by three major innovations -IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data analysis- which would enable complete digitalization of business processes, unparalleled operational efficiency, and a disruptive business model approach. is for sale!

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