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Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives as the steam machine or electricity did 250 years ago. With a wave of new startups and cutting-edge research, Berlin is taking part in this revolution. With a total of 223 companies employing about 5,000 people and generating a turnover of 500 million Euros in 2017, Berlin is a European melting pot for innovators and visionaries in the field of AI.

As early as the mid-2000s companies from the AI-sector increasingly located their business in Berlin-Brandenburg. Considering the distribution of AI-startups in the country, the initiative for applied artificial intelligence counted 86 (40.2%) of these tech innovators in the German capital.

The growing importance of Berlin as a centre of artificial intelligence is also closely related to its vibrant science environment. According to a study done by Technologiestiftung Berlin a total of 50-65 professors of different fields of application were carrying out 273 research projects (2007-2017) at numerous research facilities, colleges and universities with a total funding of €117 million supported by federal ministries. Many ideas have been already launched by universities and research projects are being further developed.

With 36 per cent, innovations and services which analyse and improve internal processes account for the largest share. For example, knowledge-based expert and language systems automate busi­ness processes, making them more efficient and transparent. With the help of AI systems, market data is analysed and evaluated with a view to expected future developments. Other developments simplify personnel recruitment or help to implement marketing activities in a more targeted manner and to address customers better with data-protected analyses. Such as parlamind, an intelligent software for customer services, which functions as a virtual team member and can communicate and complete tasks independently.

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