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If you haven’t searched for a job in recent years, things have changed significantly and will continue to evolve thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). According to a Korn Ferry Global survey, 63% of respondents said AI had altered the way recruiting happens in their organization. Not only do candidates have to get past human gatekeepers when they are searching for a new job, but they also have to pass the screening of artificial intelligence that continues to become more sophisticated. Recruiting and hiring new employees is an expensive endeavor for organizations, so they want to do all that’s possible to find candidates who will make valuable long-term employees for a good return on their recruitment investment.

How AI helps in the recruiting process
Just like in other industries, artificial intelligence has the potential to streamline the job search process and take over time-consuming tasks for humans. There are several ways artificial intelligence helps candidates and companies during a job search and throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

Candidates can use artificial intelligence job-seeking tools to find open positions that match their particular skill-set and discover organizations with the culture they want. This alone can save candidates an incredible amount of effort in an already time-consuming activity. Similarly, AI can conduct candidate outreach much more efficiently for companies so they can find candidates actually suited for the role. is for sale!

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