AI Alliance

Companies and organisations with an interest in artificial intelligence can sign up to the European forum on AI
The European AI Alliance is a forum that engages citizens and organisations in a dialogue on the future of artificial intelligence in Europe.

The forum was set up by the European Commissions to provide a platform for a broad and open discussion of all aspects of AI development and its impacts.

Chinese search engine Sogou has launched its dictation service for third-party voice recorder companies.

The company has also founded a voice recorder AI innovation alliance with other brands including Sony, Aigo, Newmine and MSC Group.

The alliance aims to revitalize and transform the traditional voice recorder industry by integrating traditional hardware devices with transcription services based on Sogou’s language-centric AI technologies and machine learning capabilities.

Sogou’s dictation service will be fully compatible with over 90 percent of existing voice recorder products on the market and will provide a hardware and service ecosystem that benefits consumers, the company said.

Established in 2017, the AI Alliance, LLC is a joint fund with Korean conglomerates SK Telecom, Hyundai Motor Company, Hanwha Asset Management and Element AI, world-renowned Canadian AI pioneer. The fund leverages each partner’s unique value and targets the most promising sectors of commercial AI applications and infrastructure, specifically emerging AI-based technologies including autonomous vehicles, robots, manufacturing, drones, and AI hardware. The fund uses extensive domain knowledge and cutting edge research from Element AI to source, assess, and invest in startups focused on applying AI in advanced technologies. SK Telecom, Hyundai Motor Company and Hanwha’s data and deep industry expertise combined with Element AI’s artificial intelligence knowledge will both differentiate the fund in the market and add immense value to portfolio companies.

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