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this means marketers can create strategies to make it more likely their consumers will convert simply by using AI information. What many people don’t know is that Google Ads has already implemented AI into it’s advertising platform. It’s the brains behind Google Ads’ automation tools.

Enhance the performance of your Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Ads by merging with Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation technology.

Artificial intelligence tools exist today that can automatically optimize advertising spend and targeting. AI can process your ad spend and targeting data, look at your results, then learn what actions (spending changes, targeting changes, etc.) will drive better performance.

It can uncover customer insights and trends to deliver predictive service. In advertising, AI can personalise advertising to change parts of it, depending on the audience, to include different music or other content.” … In many ways, the use of AI in marketing parallels that of its use in news media.

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