Agricultural Drone
An agricultural drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle used to help optimize agriculture operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields. … Agricultural drones let farmers see their fields from the sky.

Drones can be used to map out pre-planting patterns to help farmers maximize the area used for planting crops. Each farmer can strategize and implement the best planting pattern for each crop. This minimizes the amount of time it takes to map out the pattern on foot.

Almost 84 percent say they use drones either daily or more than once a week. Crop monitoring, at 73 percent, is the most popular usage of drones by farmers, followed by soil and field analysis at 46 percent and health assessment of crops and livestock at 43 percent.

The use of drones in the agriculture industry is steadily growing as part of an effective approach to sustainable agricultural management that allows agronomists, agricultural engineers, and farmers to help streamline their operations, using robust data analytics to gain effective insights into their crops.

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