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Even before the ominous COVID-19 started to make headlines around the world, online food delivery was reaping the benefits of more widespread digitalization and a greater abundance of delivery apps. The general trend towards e-commerce, increased urban living and changing social behaviors had all been feeding into this growing sector.

Increased food delivery demand thanks to COVID-19

Now, with many governments prohibiting food and beverage outlets from opening their doors to dine-in guests, the food delivery business is gaining momentum. With the two possible caveats of consumers being eager to avoid unnecessary expenses during this period of economic uncertainty and a potential lack of transparency on how food is prepared (notably a lack of hygiene oversight in the case of third-party delivery platforms), ordering food online seems to have become a tiny window into the joys of food we had become so accustomed to before lockdown.

Indeed, the reasons to opt for online food delivery services are plentiful, whether it be simply ordering groceries online to avoid the human interaction inherent in going to the supermarket or corner shop, or having your favorite dish served up on your doorstep.

As for the latter, the motivation to place that order may lie in a lack of cooking skills or lack of time – we all know working from home can prove inefficient at the best of times, never mind when you have toddlers running around your kitchen table (forgive me, “desk”). It may be a case of seeking to emulate the lifestyle we once prided ourselves on, hunger for variety or an appreciation for professionally prepared food. We may be purchasing meals online out of solidarity for our local economy or simply accepting that we ourselves are not in a position to cook, due to a disability, old age or frailty, combined with the absence of sons and daughters popping in to help.

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